Filter is an authorized retailer for dk3 of Denmark. We offer the entire dk3 product line including Poul Cadovius' ROYAL SYSTEM (1948), SYSTEM ULTRA (1957)and SYSTEM CADO (1960). All three systems are easily configurable to allow custom storage solutions for any environment. dk3 provides an online configuration tool . Please visit dk3 for additional information.

As an introduction to the line, we have a number of SYSTEM ULTRA examples on display (and available for sale) in Filter. SYSTEM ULTRA consists of wall-mounted rails, shelves and hangers in powder coated steel. Colour choices include black, green and white (hanger options of brass or colour match). Pricing and dimensions for the following black and green configurations shown in the accompanying photos are as follows:

Black (2 sections wide) 57" x 18" x 79"ht. $2195.

Green (1 section wide) 29.75" x 18" x 79" ht. $995.

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